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Why Cinema

Key Insights

whycinemaIn Australia 85% of the population attends the cinema, making it the No. 1 form of entertainment in Australia today.

Cinema presents unique opportunities to advertisers. Cinema not only reaches ‘captive and receptive’ consumers with advertising messages but can also be targeted to very specific local markets.  This unique ability to actually make contact with focused consumers, in a premium, entertaining environment differentiates cinema from all other media.  There is no channel surfing during adverts. Cinema adverts are seen as part of the entertainment, with Big Screen impact, 1000 times the size of a T.V panel screen with huge dynamic sound.  Cinema advertising is the most cost effective advertising you will invest in to a local market.


Audience Demographics

People 14-24
14-24’s are big cinemagoers! They are 50% more likely to be frequent moviegoers with cinema a key part of their everyday social lives. Cinema is the best medium to reach 14-24’s in a unique shared environment with 6 out of 10 movie visits made with friends.

People 18-39
Cinema is an important social activity for 18-39’s. They go to the cinema to catch up with their friends and relax with their partners. They like to be entertained and are constantly seeking new breaking content.

People 25-54
Going to the cinema is valued ‘me time’ for people aged 25-54. They typically go the movies to relax, escape and enjoy quality time with their partners (39%) and families including children (31%).

Source: Roy Morgan 2012 / AOR 2012



curtainCinema typically attracts a young, upscale audience with higher than average disposable income.   Whilst the likelihood to go to the movies is higher amongst the younger age groups, the highest growth segment in recent years has been the older ages. Movie going is a shared experience, making cinema an ideal medium to target couples, groups of friends and families, in a high impact environment.

Cinema is an ideal medium to target the more affluent sectors of the population with good levels of disposable income.  42% of “big spenders” have been to the movies in the last 4 weeks.

Cinemagoers typically have good education levels, with cinema an ideal medium to target people in higher education.   37% of people with a diploma or degree have been to the movies in the last 4 weeks.

Source: Roy Morgan 2010

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